Understanding the Medical Continuum

Building a full picture of the development of a drug can be a time-consuming process. Data from multiple sources and stakeholders must be brought together to be understood as a whole and in the right order, otherwise further analysis is put at risk.

Added to this, current legislation tightly regulates much of the communication between commercial operations and medical affairs, publication planners may not be able to easily access R&D work that has come before, and regional affiliates may present posters at meetings independently of headquarters.

This data sequence – running from patents, to grants, clinical trials, presentations, publications, labels and to treatment guidelines – is what industry expert and Medmeme CEO and founder Mahesh Naithani terms the “Medical Continuum”, a concept developed to permit companies to see the full R&D picture laid out and complete.

This allows for a valuable analysis of relevant data of any drug or mechanism of action – allowing medical affairs professionals to see the whole picture, including warning signs and successes.

Naithani argues that without this context Medical Affairs can be prone to error in its research and scientific dissemination – reducing efficiency and preventing pharma companies gathering further knowledge.

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