GSK provides data transparency plan update

Furthering its commitment to increase clinical trial data transparency, GSK has announced its plans for a new online system that will allow researchers to request access to anonymised patient level data that sit behind the results of clinical trials. The aim of this system is to help further scientific research, increase understanding of new and current medicines and ultimately improve patient care.

“When people volunteer for clinical trials they expect that the results will be used to help others. We are absolutely committed to sharing data so that researchers can examine the details more closely, do their own analyses and learn more about medicines and how they can best be used. Consistent with good scientific practice, researchers will be required to submit a research plan and to commit to transparency in the publication of their work.”

Patrick Vallance, GSK’s President of Pharmaceuticals R&D.

Access to the data from GSK’s studies will be provided on a password protected website to help protect research participants’ privacy and ensure the data are used for the approved scientific purpose.

Studies will be listed on GSK’s system once a medicine has been approved by regulators or terminated from development and the study has been accepted for publication. Studies that do not progress to publication will also be included. The system already includes global studies conducted since 2007. Over the next two years, global studies going back to the formation of GSK in December 2000 will be added. In addition, all studies (including local studies) starting in or after 2013 will be included.

The global pharma company signed up to the AllTrials data transparency campaign back in February 2013.

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