Digital diabetes adherence network plans to be largest in US by 2017

A digital diabetes adherence company plans to offer the largest network of personalised diabetes care coaches in the US by 2017.

Fit4D, a US company that provides personalised care through an extensive network of diabetes coaches – referred to as Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) – wants to achieve its goal in time for the 2017 American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) conference.

Established by former Microsoft executive David Weingard, Fit4D’s solution takes a personalised approach to managing diabetes, providing patients with CDEs who can deliver coaching through multiple media, including email, phone, text messaging or video call.

The company’s CDEs include nurses, dieticians, fitness experts, pharmacists, social workers and physicians who provide advice on their respective topics, including education about the condition, nutrition, fitness and tips to self-manage. The overall intention of the programme is to improve medication adherence and patient health.

The company cites its ‘intelligent scripting algorithms’ as its catalyst to providing personalised care, determining the appropriate methods of communication and level of support based on each individual.

Material supplied to patients can be customised to fit compliance guidelines, making it attractive for Fit4D’s pharma clients seeking to improve adherence to a branded drug or device.

“Through years of providing diabetes education, we have learned that the key to making lasting behavioural change is to fit our coaching into the lives of the people we are trying to help,” said David Weingard, CEO of Fit4D. “Fit4D CDEs quickly build a trusted relationship with patients and then interact based on their individual preferences, calling in the evenings after the kids are asleep, or on weekends while using multiple media (phone, email, text, online events, video etc.). We are committed to growing our team of exceptional CDEs to be the largest in the country next year.”

With a growing health burden worldwide, and especially in the US, the diabetes market has seen an increase in innovation of late. Fit4D’s beyond-the-pill approach, however, is a relatively individual one.

In contrast to the majority of diabetes startups, the company has not created an app to manage the condition, instead relying on methods of communication that the majority of the population are familiar with to instigate behavioural change. This approach may make it more attractive to older generations, who can be more difficult for digital providers to reach, as well as being flexible enough to reach younger people too.

“Managing diabetes is complicated and can often be overwhelming. Having a diabetes educator can make a lasting difference for someone struggling with the disease,” said Joanne Rinker, AADE spokesperson and member of the AADE board of directors. “It impresses me that Fit4D has been able to use technology to scale the reach of diabetes educators and I’m looking forward to their continued growth so diabetes educators can help even more people.”

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