Diverse Healthcare & Pharma LIVE

23/09/2020 - 23/09/2020

Discover practical strategies and case studies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce at this free, online event

Featuring speakers from Roche, Astellas Pharma, Gilead Sciences, NHS Employers, and GE Healthcare.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have a long way to go to be truly diverse and inclusive.

While 80 percent of the 25 largest publicly traded pharma companies in the United States and Europe had chief diversity officers or equivalent roles in 2018, less than half of surveyed pharma/biotech executives saw their companies emphasising D&I as part of their business strategies, and this is something that must be urgently addressed by the sector.

In healthcare, just nine percent of CEO positions are held by minorities. Although women make up 80 percent of the workforce, only four percent of healthcare companies are led by women, and few women hold other executive positions.

In the context of the changing workforce, companies must prioritise D&I to be able to compete for talented people to fill leadership roles, especially as many healthcare and pharma leaders approach retirement age. Developing a diverse and inclusive organisation should not be seen as a ‘tick box exercise’ – it is extremely important not only for recruitment, but also in order to reflect your customer base and the diverse end users of your products.

The healthcare and pharma industries must first acknowledge that having a diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent organisation will make a significant contribution to their future success, and then take practical steps towards this.

Improving diversity is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

Join us for Diverse Healthcare & Pharma LIVE on Wednesday 23rd September 2020.