Startup WonDRx raises seed funding for digital Rx pad

Indian health tech startup WonDRx has raised venture capital funding to help it roll out an app that is designed to digitise doctor’s prescriptions so they can connect to other healthcare services and patients.

The undisclosed seed funding has come from startup incubator Venture Catalysts, and will be used by WonDRx to continue the development and commercialisation of its platform, which is based on a tablet, smart pen and paper, and three apps for doctors, patients and other healthcare providers.

The platform appears to be similar in concept to other platforms that make use of smart prescription pad and pen, including two other Indian offerings – Trata E Systems’ iRx clinic management suite and InformDS Technologies’ Doxper, which raised $4 million in a Series A financing round in the summer.

WonDRx’ system is an electronic prescription pad that digitises patient records as the doctor writes, according to the company, which says it can also record audio instructions that can be accessed by the patient later, play relevant educational videos, and generate reminders for patient appointments.

It is also possible to connect patients with other caregivers such as hospital staff, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, physiotherapists and nutritionists, it claims, and the pad itself can be customised depending on the doctor’s needs. The WonDRx tablet contains the clinic practice management tool and is used to re-order pads.

The patient app – currently available via Google Play only – keeps electronic prescriptions in one place with no need for a hard copy and allows patients to access audiovisual content including doctor instructions.

As with any digital health tech privacy and security are major considerations, and WonDRx insists that “only the doctor and the connected ecosystem as per the specifications from doctor/patient will be able to view and access the information.”

“At Venture Catalysts, we have always tried to support startups that fill a great need gap which also has a positive impact on the society at large,” said the VC’s founder Dr Apoorv Ranjan Sharma in an article published on the website.

“The market is still untapped and considering WonDRx’s stellar offering, I believe they can be the leaders in this space within a very short time,” he added.