Editorial Calendar and Submission Guidelines

Pharmaphorum Submission Guidelines

Want to write for pharmaphorum? If so please follow the simple guidelines below.

  •     Please submit an exclusive thought leadership article in Word format alongside a bio (100 words max) of the author and a head-and-shoulders image of the author in the size of 200 x 200 pixels in JPEG or GIF format.
  •     Any article deemed to be promotional in any way will be rejected (no mention of company or products).
  •     The article must be of 600 to 1,200 words in length and submitted by your agreed deadline otherwise we may not be able to publish it.
  •     Do bear in mind that reading an online article is different to reading a print one. It is best to use short paragraphs (2–3 sentences) and break these up with sub headers, quotes, indents, bullet points, numbered lists, pictures and videos.
  •     Shorter sentences are easier to read online and bolding words or phrases can help draw attention to key points.
  •     We encourage the use of additional images / diagrams / photographs / videos within the body of the text. Relevant figures will be posted to our Pinterest board.
  •     Please include references to any data where possible and do not include more than ten hyperlinks per article.
  •     It is a condition of publishing on pharmaphorum that you do not publish elsewhere for a minimum of ten days and, where publishing elsewhere after this period, do hyperlink back to the original article on pharmaphorum.
  •     Please submit your feature ideas to our Commissioning Editor, Linda, email: linda@pharmaphorum.com

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